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Catherine Hayes                  Tribute 

    Gala Concert

St Mary's Cathedral  ~  Saturday May 25th  7.30pm

A recital of arias & classical songs which were performed by the Hibernian Madonna during her spectacular career.
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Opera Notes & Opera Quotes

A sample of what you will hear at the Catherine Hayes Gala Concert

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' Enya: My mother actually sang ‘Marble Halls’ in her boarding school at a concert, and I wasn’t aware of this but I think she was singing it around the house and I must have picked up the melody because when I heard it for the first time I was drawn to it immediately, and it was only recently, when I mentioned to her I was going to record ‘Marble Halls’ that she said “but I did this song so many years ago”, then I thought, well, that’s the connection, you know, I would have heard it a long time ago; but it’s a piece of music from an opera called The Bohemian Girl, and it’s by an Irish composer, Balfe.'

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